Crosses with Blue Copper Roo

Oh my word they are SO PRECIOUS! I love the different shades of "blue" you've got going on here. Does it look like #4 is a splash baby?? I hope you keep posting pics as they grow!
I’m still learning all the crosses and all…I pretty much understand the black and blue marans and the possibility of colors you can get and if you cross a blue egger with a dark brown egger you get the green egger…after that 🥴 lol. I thought #4 was from my Lavender Ameraucana because when it hatched it was silver (you can see it in my first pix of the chicks after hatching), but now it is looking splashed…is that possible? I started thinking it was from my white EE? I’ll definitely keep posting, I was excited to see all the blue chicks as they were hatching 🐣 even the 3 chicks that came from my Blue copper and black copper hen all came out different.☺️
First three pictures are the chicks from Blue Copper Marans roo and Black Copper Marans hen
Last four pictures, splash from Blue Copper roo and Lavender Ameraucana.
Gray Pullet from Blue Copper Roo & one of my blue egger hens😁


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