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    Apr 8, 2009
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    when i was younger, i knew some old folks in the hills that kept chickens, the chickens all carried thier share of game, but layed like there was no tommorrow(small to medium egg), set good, and were good mommas. some would prolly just call these bantys.

    i have a little better than 20 game hens, mostly hatch, w/some roundheads also, i,m going to cross these game chickens w/ barnyard chickens, buff rock, barred rock, and maybe brown leghorn, then breed the offspring to each other.

    question is would it be better to breed barnyard roosters to game hens?

    or game roosters to barnyard hens. to get desirable chickens?

    or would there be any difference?

    would the cross bred chickens lay the same, if a game rooster was bred to a barred rock hen ,or if a barred rock,rooster was bred to a game hen?
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