Crossing White Leghorn rooster with gold sexlink?


8 Years
May 17, 2011
I ended up with a leghorn rooster in my group of hens. I planned on breeding him with a couple of my other white leghorns but does anyone have any suggestions or have tried crossing a white Leghorn rooster with gold sex link hens? I do not want to try it if it would make some funky chicken. If it would work I wonder what the egg color would be?
I don't know what you mean by funky. All mine are kind of spastic when they try to dance. They can't follow the basic beat for anything, and they don't even try to sing along with "Funky Chicken".

What I would expect you to get is some chickens that are somewhere in between the leghorns and gold sex links in size, probably very good egg layers. If you want an egg layer, it would probably be a good mix. If you want a meat bird, you will probably be disappointed in the size. I'd expect a brown egg, but the shade of brown could vary quite a bit, even between full sisters.
Thank you for the advise. My chickens can't dance either! I just did not want some mutent chicken that would not lay very well. We tried breeding cornish X before and that was a HUGE mistake! I am just now starting to get into the breeding and wanted some advise before throwing different chickens in to see what I get. Thanks again!
I agree with the others, you'd get a good laying bird with shades of brown eggs. Gold sex links are hybrids, so it's a tossup what color bird you would get. The only thing is that you might lose the really easygoing nature of the golds by adding Leghorn. From what I've heard Leghorns are kind of flighty.

Hope that helps!

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