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Mar 21, 2009
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our neighbors have a few roosters that crow constantly. my ee rooster, Sam, isn't the most vocal roo (my RIR roo was very vocal and loud) but over the past week or two the neighbor's roos have really been crowing up a storm. and I am sitting here listening to them go back and forth crowing.....I guess the best one wins. lol and my 6 month roo is trying to crow now...but he can't compete with Sam. I love having A rooster. he has such a unique crow that is somewhat pleasant to hear and isn't overly annoying. well just thought I would share that.

Aren't they great? It's cool when the nieghbors have roos too. I can hear roos coming from every direction here in the mornings and late afternoon too... AND whenever the trains go by here, it sets off not only the nieghborhood dogs to howling but the roos to crowing lol!
I have several roos and they will crow usually between 6 and 7 am and a little throughout the afternoon and sometimes when the train goes by, I think they are learning that from the nieghboring roos.
My three roos are in different coops and they crow back and forth to each other across the yard. I love the sound of crowing....just hope my neighbors feel the same way LOL
I also love the sound of my roo crowing, and the one in the distance that sometimes sets him off in the competition. (Hearing that other rooster crowing, when I moved here, was my clue that chickens were allowed in my neighborhood, although I did make sure by reading the ordinances.)

Lately, however, mine has been crowing around 4 a.m. - which is a good hour and 45 minutes before sunrise. It's gotten me up to go check for varmints, but either the crowing has already chased them away, or the sound of me stumbling through the back door does it. I guess.

I don't find it annoying at that hour, honestly - just worrying. Sometimes he'll crow around 10 p.m. and I go check then, too... THAT is usually due to the neighbor's dogs out in their back yard adjacent to mine. Oh, okay.... I'm still up at that hour, no problem.

I just don't want to ignore it and discover it was a critter attack warning, ya know???
I have 18 roo's. They started to learn to crow about a month ago. They are all now 21 weeks old. At first they just sound so funny! Mine sounded like someone was squeezing them! They would strain so hard and only get a small deep sound! They are all B/B/S JG's. Most of them have a very deep crow sounding like a fog horn! I love it!!!! Some of the more immature roo's are still trying to get it right. I took out a crowing ringtone to show them the correct sound at first, but now they have it right! Mostly! LOL Mine start at 0530 when I go out and open th pop door. I have 1 roo that will crow through his nostrils! Its so funny!!!! He has a deep muffled crow! Not sure why he wont open his mouth to crow???? he is just as big and bigger than a few. He is 1 of the 3 BO roo's I have. He is the only BO that is trying to crow so far. I think the others are affraid to get a whoopin if they try! LOL

God Bless!
I have a 6week old Jersey Giant roo I call Charlie The Crow( cause he looks like one) I can not wait to hear him crow. From what I read Jerseys are suppose to have a really cool sound. Hope everyone else on my street thinks so.
I added some bantam breeds to my flock, and out of the four about 11 weeks old, 3 turned out to be roosters: 2 Silver Sebrights and a Buff Brahma. The Sebrights started crowing 3 days ago and one of them almost has it down, although it's still very ..ahem... Little Guy sounding. My large fowl rooster crows, and the Sebrights wait a while before they crow. But if the neighborhood rooster off thataway crows, the Sebrights will challenge it. Then when Carl (my big rooster) crows, the Sebrights stop. I guess they know who's the boss!

The Brahma started yesterday and I wasn't sure what that odd, strangled, sound was.... until I found him facing off with a Sebright. Oh lordy. His beginning crow is nothing like the others'. Hopefully he'll get it perfected.
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