Crowing Hens!?!?


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6 Years
Apr 19, 2013
I have 3 Sebright hens all 4-5 months old. One of them, the dominant hen, makes a crowing noise in the mornings. It's a rather pitiful crow but an attempt all the same. Has anyone else experienced this?
Dominant hens can sort of crow, but are you sure that you have all hens since Sebright roosters are usually hen feathered?
I know the one that is crowing is a hen because I've observed her laying an egg lol. As I said, it is a pitiful, funny little crow though!!
Can't argue if it's a she if it lays an egg :) The girls "crowing" is funny sounding isn't it. I have an old EE hen who has tried to crow even with roosters around since she was a chick, she has never quite mastered it. Reading about it, some people say that their crowing girls do eventually sound quite a bit like a real rooster.
Oh that will be awesome lol as I live in a neighborhood. Here's the offenders.
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