Crunching The Numbers


6 Years
Sep 1, 2016
Ft Myers, FL
I raise hens for eggs. I sell them locally here in SWFL. My feed bill runs $35+ a week and right now I’m getting 8-9 dozen eggs per week. I always use new cartons to insure bio security/ safety from bacterial contamination. I sell my eggs for $5 per dozen. I’ve got a woman hounding me on the Internet. She says that I’m ripping the public off. She can and has bought eggs for $0.79 per dozen. I refuse to comment. I know what a dozen costs me. She’s trying to hurt my small hobby. It’s sad. I guess that you can’t fix stupid.
1 - $5 a dozen is the average price here for fresh eggs.
2 - you are not ripping people off, that is a good price for fresh eggs.
3 - she doesn’t want to pay $5 a dozen, no one is forcing her to.

She needs to pipe down and go away.

Can you block her at all?

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