crushed garlic for deworming

smile.png i came on this website and put up a topic about things that help chickens not to get sick or worms...I was told to use garlic and now it sounds like im not spose to use garlic and people say pumpkin seeds and than some say it doesnt work, than a lady told me to get medicated food or my chicks will probably die..than there was vinegar and whatever. Does anybody know what REALLY works and what doesnt..will there ever be a BYC consensus on what works. I dont want opinions..i just want my chicks to be be alive and healthy and NOT get sick.
It's hard when you're new because you have all kinds of different advice coming from all different directions. Until you get some experience, and though trial and error, you'll just have to gather all that information and come up with your own way of raising your animals. You'll learn over time what works best for you.

Yes I know what really works for me. When my chickens have worms, or I need to treat preventativley, then I use a wormer, When I suspect my chickens have coccidia, or are I treat preventatively, I get a coccidia treatment. I go to my local co-op, TSC or feed store and just pick them up and use them as directed.

I have never used garlic or pumkin seeds. I have heard of people using garlic and cayenne, and some use Molly's Herbals. I don't use these, and I never have any problems. I've never heard of pumkin seeds, maybe someone can post about the rational regarding using pumkin seeds.

though I can tell you right now, if you're eating the eggs of these chickens remember that you get out what you put in. Garlic and onions impart a taste on the eggs. Cayenne does not. You need to read the label on the wormers and coccidia medications to see if there is a waiting period before consuming eggs or meat from chickens treated. I don't know. I haven't had to use any wormer or coccidia treatment in quite some time.

Your chickens most certainly will not die if you don't use a medicated feed. I've never used medicated feed and mine aren't dying. I make sure they have been vaccinated against Merek's, I give them a good layer mash and access to *clean* and fresh water at all times. The ones who don't free range are provided oyster shells and grit free choice. I don't use garlic or pumkin seeds. Scratch is a treat, not a meal, for my chickens.

If I were you, I'd get a book on how to raise chickens. Storey's has a good one that I like quite a bit. I refer to it a lot.

Maybe others can post what they do, and you can make your own choices based on all the informatioh you have at your disposal

And remember, if theyr'e healthy and happy, whatever you're doing, you're doing correctly.
What have you used to prevent worms or cocci when they are younger if you arent using medicated feed while they are young?
i didnt know they needed to be vaccinated. I only have three chicks. they are about 5-6 weeks old. I sprinkled some DE in their litterl. Does that help?
it all depends on HOW you want to raise your birds - with medications or without - or a little of both. In my case when mine were younger they were on medicated feed until 15 weeks when they began laying, then switched to non-medicated layer feed. Medicated feed will NOT kill your chickens so whomever told you that most certainly has a misconception there.

There are many ways to rear chickens - again, it all depends on how you want to do it. From the ages of 15 weeks on my chickens have not been medicated other than naturally - up until 15 days ago when I had to use a medicated wormer (ivermectin) to treat them when all non-conventional means did not work. These are my pets so I will do just as I would do for any other pet I have and treat them to ensure their best means of survival and health. If they should need antibiotics somewhere down the line to ensure their health, I will do that as well, but prior to that I will try everything organic first. It all depends on the person.

DE is used to prevent lice, mites, keep the smell down in the coop - it also is used as a preventative for worms but it will not prevent worms once they have them (and most if not all chickens have worms). Most chicks if you get them from a hatchery are vaccinated against Mareks I believe (or maybe its cocci...or both...I cant recall), but not always - and some have been wormed (mine were when I got them) - but you must ask the hatchery if you obtained them from one if they do it or not.

Keep your chin up and know that there is ALOT to learn. Birds are the hardest things to care for I'm finding out and when someone tells me "Oh chickens do not require THAT much care.. you just put feed on the ground and let them be" I just
and smile... because little do they know... and I try to "learn them". Why just the other day I was with my DH's grandmother who is very very "old school" and raised chickens her entire life (mind you she's near 90) and told me "You know chickens wont get worms if you give them the grit." I just smiled and said "Oh yeah?" I'm not going to argue with Grandma LOL but... I know better
and I know what grit is for and it's not for worm control.

Gotta love grandma though...
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the lady had told me that they will die if I DONT put them on medicated starter...but they are already 5-6 weeks old and i havent given them any medicated anything. I was told not to.
How do you know if they have worms?
I never use medicated starter and haven't had a problem. The medicated started just helps them build a resistance to cocci. As for the pumkin seeds, they are used against tapeworms. they are uneffective on other types of worms. There is a chemical in the seeds that causes paralysis in the tapeworms making it easier for the bird to pass them. I have no idea about garlic. If your birds are showing no signs of illness, don't worry about worms. Of course, it may be helpful to be proactive to occasionally worm them for peace of mind. Food grade DE is also useful in parasite control, but make sure it is food grade.
the best way to worm ur chickens is to put cayene pepper in there food but u only put 1/4 of cayene pepper into there food so its 3/4 food and 1/4 cayene pepper and dont give it to chicks also chickens dont have taste buds so it does not effect them

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