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Hi everyone, I went today to pick up Amber's chickens to bring them home to my house. I am glad they are coming home with me but saddend that Amber had to get rid of them. I wanted to post on here and let Amber know they are adjusting well and love the new digs. The pictures below are after I just got home and I put all of hers together until tonight when we will put them in beside the others. Here is a few pictures for ya of the kids!

((((( Hugs Amber)))))


Something has already, Amber has given me quite a bit already. This is minimal payment for all she has done for me. You are right what goes around comes around and it is the least I can do.
oh Amber, you were so worried about Dottie and the others picking on her.........SHE IS TOP DOG!!! She is running around like mad picking on the ameraucana chickens. She is just a bit bigger than them and SHE KNOWS IT!!!!! LOL....I had her in with Fern(the goat) and Jessica came home last night, checked on the kids, and I guess felt sorry for her being all alone and moved her in with everyone else.

OF COURSE I HAD A PANIC ATTACK this morning when she was not in with Fern! I thought OH MY GOSH something happened the first day! I went to open up the coop and guess who was there, first in line? YEP Dottie! I stood up there with them and watched them all for a while and Murphy and one of the other bantam roos are sparring for man rights(not bad but just chicken squaking...he is winning!) then I heard more squaking and it was Dottie picking on the others I just giggled!

I don't think we have a thing to worry about....OH YEAH, Smoky has a new man....My bantam LOVES Smoky, has not left her side! he is half her size and you know that fluff overpowers a small bantam LOL

Mrs. B and Peaches and Sophie did not want to come out this morning so I picked them up and showed them where the feed was located and they saw their buddies and went scooting to be with them. I will run up later on and get some pictures of them in the yard. Just wanted you to know they are doing good Amber!
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<---For Amber for knowing when she couldn't give them 100% and caring enough to do the right thing.

<--- For Fudgie for adopting the chickens.

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