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Since I am moving soon I want to make sure where ever I go I can have at the very least a back yard flock. Unfortunately I need to stay close-ish to Wilton since my DH works there. Searching the Internet is like trying to pick needles out of a haystack but this is what i have found on various town websites. If you live in any of these towns and have first hand knowledge feel free to join in!

Bethel Ct This town seems pretty straight forward and friendly

Horses,ponies permitted for family use.One animal per 40,000sq ft (about an acre) one additional animal per 20,000 sqft

other livestock excluding chickens you need 3 acres(which i find a bit odd)

Poultry permitted about 50 birds per acre but the coop must be 75 feet from property lines and 50 feet from the street

This is for zones R-10,R-20,R-30,R40,and R-80

Newtown Ct says you can have chickens but is very unclear as to how many Same as fare as i can tell with Ridgefield Ct all they say is that it is unlawful under 1/2 acre?

Shelton Ct

Chickens are permitted on 2 or more acres in zones RA-1,R-1,R-2,R-3,R-4,R-5,CA-1,CA-2,CA-3,CB-2,IA-1,IB-1,and Ib-2 provided they are kept 50 feet from property lines and street lines. It does say you also can have 20 birds on a smaller lot(they do not tell you how small)as long as they are kept 30 feet from property lines.

Redding Ct seems friendly also

Horses,ponies,donkeys,and cattle or oxen are permitted 2 1 per .08 acre
Sheep,goats,and swine 5 1 per.4 acre
and poultry 50 10 per .2 acre

If you want any more then that you need to get approval

Anyone say 20 miles of Wilton .Ct have experience with the towns?

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