Cuckoo Maran? Barred Holland? Barred Rock?

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10 Years
Jun 23, 2009
Thorn Hill, TN
A few weeks ago we ordered a pullet assortment from Ideal Poultry. Initially we thought we had several Barred Rocks as they have grown, we aren't so sure that they all are Barred Rocks. There are several that look like this one. The barring is quite mottled, their combs are rather large and they appear to be more light bodied than other chicks in the lot. Any thoughts?

The mullied barring is VERY common in "barred" hatchery breeds.

It's a barred rock. In my opinion, the legs are pale yellow/black, not pink. Pink legs on a chicken, that I've seen, are PINK in between the toes/soles.

And it's male, if it's that young. The lighter body would support it... along with the giant comb... males are usually lankier at the age.
I don't know what the breed is, it looks like a rock but agree with you, just doesn't look like a BR and it looks like a he not a she to me (hey that rhymed). You've now got me worried, I just ordered 18 chix from ideal and I'm wondering if they don't have a rogue roo jumping the fence and knocking up different hens, lol.
Thanks for the feedback. After a little more research I think they are what ideal calls a production black. The production black seems to essentially be a California gray. As for the comb, while the comb is large it seems be large in a leghorn sort of way and not really a roosterish way, if you know what I mean.
yup! The mom is a leghorn so... you know how those combs could get you from thinking pullet to roo!

My California Grey is 2 months old and she's really friendly

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