cuckoo maran chick question


15 Years
Oct 21, 2008
Rome Ga
are cuckoo maran chicks slow to feather? or maybe it is just mine...some of them got mixed in with the sexlinks and we could not tell them apart.....
I wish I knew
does mine look like a cuckoo maran? friend brought them back from chattanooga for me and put them in with her black sex link the same age and we had a hard time telling them apart....I was waiting to see the barred ....the sexlinks wont have barred....
well, they look just like my cuckoo marans did, and from my experience the do take a bit longer to get their mature feathers. mine took almost a month as well, and they turned out to be great layers of chocolate brown eggs!
cuckoo marans also tend to be a bit heavier than the sex links. best wishes!

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I got mine from a local breeder and I know what she had was cuckoo marans I just did not know about them getting mixed in with the sexlinks....they all looked alike.....but as far as them feathering out they are later than my other chicks.....

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