Cuckoo Maran Hen 7 1/2 months old


7 Years
Jan 22, 2013
Hello Chicken folks, I have a Cuckoo Maran who is now 30 weeks old. She has not laid an egg. I have 5 other hen of varying breeds and they are all laying. 4 of the 5 have been laying since July and my Welsummer started about a month ago. Is this typical for a Cuckoo Maran?
I have three cuckoo Marans from Cackle Hatchery that are 25-weeks old. Today was the first time I've caught one in the nestbox. Her egg, while not as dark as the FBCM I had a few years ago, is noticeably darker than any of my other brown egg layers. So, I'm still waiting for the other two to start laying. My FBCM were 30-some-weeks old before they started laying.

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If you want to be certain the hen isn't laying, you could try putting some food coloring on her vent.

I don't automatically doubt that somebody knows if their hen is laying or not. At some point or another I've seen every one of my birds lay an egg; and with a small, mixed flock, the eggs can be quite individualistic.
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Thank you all for you comments on my Cuckcoo Maran. I have been off of here for the last 3 months or so. I left and went to Portland the end of September for the birth of one on our grandsons. While I was gone my daughter took care of our chickens and the Cuckcoo Maran started laying about a week after we left. We are back now and all our girls are doing great and laying good even in this cold weather. ;-)

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