Cull them all...?

Kay Crowe

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Apr 3, 2013
Northern Virginia
I have 3 laying hens, 10 two month olds, and four three week olds in the brooder.

Of the babies one silkie has had a crusty eye from the start. I only saw the foam once, until this morning when it was back in full force. The chick is smaller than the others, feathers not as developed. I haven't noticed any other symptoms in it. The other three seem ok. I have been using antibiotics in their water.

I know the one needs to be culled - but what about the other three?


ETA: What would be the best way to dispatch a squirmy chick?
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I don't believe I would cull a flock without testing so I knew what disease I was culling for, especially in a situation like this. It seems to me that a single crusty eye could be due to an injury. You might check with your ag college or county extension agent to see who would do testing.
I wasn't thinking of doing the whole flock, just the four little ones. Well, now three since I did the silkie this morning. I'm going to continue antibiotics and observations on the others.

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