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    Feb 23, 2015
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    We will be culling old hens.Not laying.

    I have tried saving them,but were just gonna cull em.I was gonna sale them,but nobody I.know has the heart.

    My.hens are pets.None of them will be culled!
    Question:What is the best way to cull a hen?
    Next,would anyone be.offering to take them , if I were to sell them?

    Here is the thing.They can live,or be culled.They have mites and I so not have supplies to keep mites away.
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    If you don't have the heart, I understand. When I took mine to a butcher, I cried the whole time going there and again when I picked up the carcasses, one had left me an egg :( I could not bring myself to eat them so I cooked them up for the dog and cats. One time I had a garage sale and a certain ethnicity came, saw my chickens and asked if they could buy one for their dinner. Of course I said no. If you advertise locally, there may be people who would pick up a live bird to process for their dinner plate. Make sure the add states that they are culls, ok to eat but not suitable as flock additions. Otherwise, the axe or neck dislocation are options.[​IMG]
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    They could simply not be laying because they have mites. For less than $10 you can buy some Sevin and treat them.

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