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Feb 1, 2010
Southern Virginia
On DH's computer, so I just need to talk about my crazy chicken days...

Two roosters and one cockerel are way too many for my nine hens! Everything was going well until the cockerel, Louie Louie, had his hormones kick in. Pippi and Mad had their girls separated into their own flocks, but when Louie Louie wanted in on the action it got a little crazy.

In order to be fast enough, Louie Louie got grabby and rough. I was alarmed to see feathers missing from the back of Alice's neck, where LL had tried to grab on. Plus her back was getting a little bare. That had already happened to Queen Bee, who is my somewhat sickly hen, so a little slower than the others and easy to sneak up on. I have been wondering what I was going to do, hoping I could keep the peace until my chicks could grow up and provide enough hens for them all. I also thought, as the heat of summer subsided, they would settle down a bit.

But, I went out a few days ago to find Queen Bee terribly wounded, with skin missing from her sides. So, I had to jump into action and make fast decisions. The first being, Louie Louie is now in a coop and run of his own, soon to be joined by Mad Hatter if I see any more aggression.

For a couple days Queen Bee stayed in the coop and I set her up with food and water. All was well, but as she got feeling better she decided she wanted out, so out she came. That won't do. Even Pippi mounting her would hurt her now. So, I put her in Surly Girl's brooding coop, along with Surly as a companion.

And that's where I am, keeping up three coops and runs, but I think I'm still in the middle of this saga. Every day is a new development.

They are keeping me busy, but not so busy as to keep me from finding sources of tomatoes and getting my canning done. 16 quarts and 9 pints of marinara canned to date. Still want to find one more 20 or 30 lb batch of tomatoes and get a few more. We use it a couple times a month for one dish or another, so I want enough to last the year.

Next year, I'll have my own tomatoes. :D

So, that is what has been happening here. What's up with all of you? I know Rei has been busy as all get out with her ranch, and saw her pop her head in some days ago. Been trying to at least read what I can, but I know I've missed a lot.

Miss you guys!! :love
Good to see you around. I went to my best swap sale ever on Saturday. Sold loads of birds.

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