Curious as to adding a poll (anonymous polling) section.

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    There are things I've heard from relatives tales this past year and reading into stories here on BYC about stray roosters wandering about kinda thing has me worried that with the trend for BYC'ers some end up turning out (DROPING OFF) unwanted flock. I'e been thinking about this and other queries and never know how to comes to me that anonymous polling would aid in these type of queries without singling out anyone for bad posture. Ya know, a; do you do this?

    For me right now is why are there all these seemingly turned out roosters in areas where there are few other chicken keepers (and nobodies missing any)....Do you turn out unwanted animals into another town so they can't find home? poll would aid in this type of investigation. And could be fun too with lighter hearted topics without listing who you are- anonymous polling. What do ya think?

    Fair suggestion for this forum?
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