Curious...she is always late to come in


Apr 23, 2019
Michigan Thumb
I have 9 gals, 2 are bantams, and one cockerel. They freerange all day with run and coop access at all times.

One of my 2 brahmas who I suspect is higher up in order, though all my girls are really quite passively coexistant, is always last to come in. She will meander around the perimeter of the run til 15-20 minutes closer to dark than the rest of the flock. Long after Pride escorts his other girls in. Then she chills around the run til either it is very nearly dark or I argue with her to get her booty into the coop for bedtime. this normal? Common? She is certainly not too fearful of the others. Is treated no differently by the rooster. Is she just enjoying her down time? Other than evening, she does occasionally like to hang in the run alone but when out free ranging she does not dislike or avoid the others. Just seems maybe she likes her solo time.
Many of us have had loner chickens that seem to relish alone time. While chickens are definitely flock animals, they don't all feel compelled to reside in the thick of the action. Some seem to appreciate occupying their own space while simply keeping the others in sight.
That very much seems her game. Doesn't bother me since I am the same lol. Until I NEEEED to go lay down and she wants to play keep-away from the coop door lol. I actually think it's kinda cute that she likes her "time to think" :lol:
I have one who I think is less independent than she is clueless. She will stay out longer than the other girls, scratching and pecking. Then she will suddenly look up, realize she's alone, and go running into the coop.

Silly Iris...
Chickens very much do what they want, when they want.
Several of my girls do their own thing which is fine and good until it is time to count heads no fun finding that one thats having "me" time.
I'm up at 2 in the morning because my boys are doing their own things and

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