curious to see who else hunts for deer.


8 Years
Jul 6, 2011
pittsburgh, PA
Hey Everyone!
Today my brother went hunting and got a doe....(he is not home yet so he may still get a buck....) Anyway I was wondering who else hunts, and whether they take the deer to the butcher or do it them selves. I couldn't kill something for my life, but I'd rather eat free range deer that would either end up starving or hit by a car then that over prosessed and inhumanly raised beef and other meat they sell at the store.
I'm curious to see who else has been hunting this year......
My DH does he took his first bear and an eight point 200lb buck this year. Last season all he shot was a moose so the deer and bear will be a change:D
I hunt. I've taken 2 does before. Hubby wouldn't let me this year because I'm pregnant...sigh...
We always process ourselves. Let them hang in the garage after gutting and skinning for a week. Then my dad comes over and we cut them up. We butchered our first cow and processed it ourselves this year. Now that was a lot of work! Took us forever! Oh boy is it good meat though. I like to process it because it gives me the opportunity to package it in the right size portions for my family. Then I can go out to the freezer grab one package cook it and I don't have any left overs or have the problem of not enough.
I would recommend always harvesting the meat yourself. We used to take our game animals to this butcher shop and they would have us detail what all we wanted from the animal. Skip ahead a couple years and one of my good friends got a job there.. Yeah, they would just throw it all in one big bin and divide it up and distribute it later. I was livid. We don't hunt our animals to then eat somebody else's. I want what I shot.
Both myself and my wife do. Gun and bow. I kill bucks only, 6pts or better, wife will take a doe before the the rut, then it is bucks only, spike on up. I do the field dressing she does the butchering and packing. We only take two deer a year. Fortunatly we only have to walk out the back door to our stands.
I hunt. I also butch them myself. I give a lot of meat away and keep a little for my consumption. I grind most of it up into burger. I do keep some for stewing.
I have took them to a processor but the last one I took was a 130 lb doe and I got about 30 lbs of burger back and 20% of it was added beef fat. I asked where the rest of it was and they said it was all. No clue where the rest went. That was the last one I will ever pay to get processed.

My 7 year old killed his first deer this year. A yearling buck with a crossbow.

I hunt for deer. Got a small 5 point this year. The deer did not move well around here this year. After the first couple days of modern gun, i would have been lucky to see a doe.
I am an avid deer hunter. However, the last two years I haven't carried a weapon to the woods. It's been all about taking my son. He got his first deer three years ago, got a decent buck last year, and a doe this year. We got a lot of nice bucks on the trail cam this year, but he never got the opportunity to take one. I just told him they would be bigger next year.

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