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    I have 14 hens but out of all of them only one is laying so far. She's several months older than the others so it's not unexpected but she is definitely the only one laying.

    My question is, what would cause her eggs to vary in shade from time to time? Usually they are a very light green color, sometimes leaning toward a bluish green (Easter Egger). Today she laid one that is more of a light shade of olive. It's darker than any I've seen her lay to this point so it piqued my curiosity. Can different foods, medications, etc affect the shade of the egg shell?

    Since she's been the oldest I had just been feeding her the grower that the younger ones were one. Not ideal, I know but I didn't want to hurt all the rest of them for one bird. At any rate, the others are all now old enough to get the layer feed so a few days ago I began to blend it in with the grower stuff. Could this be why the egg she laid today is darker?

    Thank you from a very curious newby. [​IMG]

    ETA a picture. Can you tell which one is from today?

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