Curiousity - anyone else's Favorelle pullet slow to feather?


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Jun 27, 2009
Kansas City
My Salmon Favorelle seems really slow to feather compared to my other chicks that are the same age.

They are almost 3 weeks old and the Wyandottes have nearly all their wing feathers and are practicing flying all over the brooder. The Australorp is close behind with just a few more wing feathers to come in - but she's also flying around.

The youngest of the bunch - a buff orp who is just over a week old has way more feathers on her wings than even the Fav!

Considering they are all in the same brooder - I would have thought they would have feathered at roughly the same time - but I'm beginning to see that isn't true.

Very odd - just curious to see what others have experienced as far as feathering.

The order of chicks in the photo are: Favorelle, Buff Orp, Australorp and Wyandotte. All are 3 weeks except the BO who is 1 week. Go figure!

I raised mine (day olds) with day old buff brahamas. The favorelles seemed to develop a bit slower but caught up. I think it's a breed thing. They also seemed a little more fragile at a young age. These are the most docile breed that i have out of 7 different breeds. They are also great for handling and get along better than the others. We love them.
Good Luck and don't worry, they should be fine.
That's what I figured was the case - but knew it couldn't hurt to ask!

I do love her personality and I agree - she seems more fragile and timid than the rest of the pullets.

It's going to be fun to see how their personalities all change as they become hens...

Thanks again!
Yes my favorelles are very easy to handle even though we didn't "baby them" when they were growing up. The only thing i have against them is that they are noisier than my other breeds. If they see you they think you should be giving them something and let you know about it. LOL
I would say they are the perfect breed for those with children.

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