Curtains Over Nesting Box Entry??


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I have read several times on this forum that people place "curtains" in front of the nesting box holes. Do the curtains completely cover over the entry? I understand that the hens like privacy but aren't they scared to go in under the curtain and don't curtains make the nesting box hotter? Do the curtains separate in the middle like over a house window? Could someone please describe how they are placed. Thanks.
I've had the same question. I would love to hang some curtains but don't want to scare the girls! Pics would be even better.
I have some experience with the curtains as I tried this as a means to get them to stop roosting on the edge of the nest box / sleeping in the box. I used green sheet plastic, and sliced it a few times to make like a car-wash-curtain. Those who were determined to sleep in/roost on nest boxes were deterred only for a few days, then figured it out. Curtains eventually fell down. Of course my failure could be the result of bad material for the curtains, or else really sneaky chickens!
I just used some cloth and nailed above the nest boxes so it hangs around the bottom of the opening of the nest box with about 4 inches or more left uncovered. My girls weren't really frightened at all and simply continued laying. I think they liked it better because it was darker. Hope this helps!
I started using a curtain to give my broody hen some privacy...she loves it and it helps to keep the other hens from bugging her in the nest. The curtain I'm using is just some left over weed cloth. I used binder clips to clip to box and cut some strips so she can poke her head out .... I'm " expecting" sept excited!

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