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    Yesterday my dog got near my four week old chickens and she accidentally scratched a chickens head. The cut goes from the edge of her left eye, through her ear, and a little bit farther. I have been putting antibiotic cream on it and I cleaned it with hydrogen peroxide. What other ideas do you guys have that could help her cut? Also, could I put scar glue to help close it up? Thanks!

    She is also in a separate area from all her other chicken friends and not liking being alone.
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    Can you post some photos?
    How deep are the wounds?

    General wound care would be to keep the wound clean - use saline, diluted betadine or soap/water to flush out any dirt/debris (peroxide is fine for the initial cleaning, but can be damaging to the skin with repeated use). Apply triple antibiotic ointment/cream.

    As for gluing the wound together, depending on how deep, it is usually not necessary. Chickens can heal fairly well with the above treatment.

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