Cut on Claw (Metatarsal Pad and Fold) ....


6 Years
Sep 3, 2013
It looks like one of my Americanas cut the pad and fold on her claw the other day. There is only a little bit of blood and the underlying flesh looks good, but the meat surrounding the cut is dark. I'm going to double-check tonight to make sure it isn't dirt, etc. She doesn't seem to be in any pain when I touch it or when she's walking around on it.

Any advice on cleaning and getting it to heal? Anything I should look for and be aware of?
Make sure there is no mud in it try to make things a bit easier for her put food and water near where you find her so she can relax thats all i can say but keep an eye on it hope this helps at the slightest
Soak the foot for a minute or two in warm soapy water and then look at the foot. This should loosen the dirt and any dried blood and make it easier to determine what is going on. Soak, rub gently and rinse until you find out what is wrong.

Treat if needed.
I would soak the injured foot in some warm water, maybe with a little soap added. After soaking it, dry the foot, and then examine it. The soaking should remove any blood, dirt, or other debris in and near the wound.

Perhaps put some antibiotic ointment (nothing that contains any "caine" ingredients, as those are bad for birds) on the wound, and then let your hen be. Chickens are fast, efficient healers, and even if you did nothing, your hen would probably be fine. If you want, though, keep her isolated for a few days in a clean area. Put food and water nearby so that she doesn't have to walk very far to eat and drink.

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