Cut on toe causes limping

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    I noticed a limp on one of my hens 2 days ago. Yesterday I saw her running in the yard and she looked fine with no limp. Today the limp was back. I found out she has a cut on her toe that is a pretty fair size. I soaked her feet in a mixture of water and hydrogen peroxide and slowly worked off the mud and gunk to clean the wound. I really dosed it to make sure the wound was clean under the flap of skin etc. Then i bandaged it up with bacitracin, a bandaid and some electrical tape to try and keep it all attached to her (I know, but it's all I had at the time). She is still keeping the weight off that foot, but can get around when she wants.

    All other parts of her are fine; no parasites, clear, healthy eyes, vent, etc- eating and drinking well. My main concern is will this heal? And keeping dirt out of the wound to prevent further infection. The toe looked a little swollen. I have no idea how this cut happened, except that she is the lowest in the pecking order and is harrassed a lot. She is flighty and may have flapped away from one of the others and hit her foot on the hardware cloth wall? Also, rodents have found a way to get into the run but the wound did not look like a bite. Would mice or rats go after her wound? Even if wrapped?

    What treatments would you recommend? How can I keep this wrapped and protected from the elements?
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    Clean it every day with betadine or hibiclens and water, reapply neosporin or bacitracin ointment, then rewrap it with gauze, small strips of vet wrap, or duck tape. Treat it just like bumblefoot.

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