Cute baby bunny pictures

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    Here are some pictures of one of our current litters of Mini lops. Eva has seven kits. Six of her own and one of my other Mini lop Ninja's. One of Eva's kits is being fostered by my Mini rex doe. so Eva had nine kits, lost one, and I fostered one to my mini rex because she only had one (non peanut) kit. Then I realized my other lop had 11, so I took four, three went to the Mini rex and one to Eva. Just to explain the reasoning behind why she has seven of her own and one of Ninjas.

    Here is the mommy- Eva

    Here is the daddy- Wall-E

    There are Five black kits, and one broken Siamese sable kit.

    Then there is the fostered kit ( I think its a doe)
    It is a broken pointed white that got chilled, hence the darker coloring on part of its back. She reminds me of an old English sheepdog with the grey on her back like it is.

    Her mommy is Ninja
    Her daddy is Alex

    A picture of the whole group, and one of their cage.

    I plan to get some of the other group as well, but their cage is under my dinning room table so its dark (Eva and her kits are on the top of the table! lol) and then when I take them out they kind of try to run off, and its hard to not get blurry pictures.
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    Beautiful Photos [​IMG]
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    So cute! I just adopted a Holland Lop & she is wonderful. She is a great little house bunny & is starting to warm up to me. She was living in a garage for the last 5 months with little human contact, but last night was playing with me for hours while I worked on quilt blocks.
    Your bunnies are gorgeous.

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