Cute four year old chicken math.

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    Jan 3, 2008
    Beyond our own flock, we are raising some chicks to sell as started birds, and have been very upfront with our kids, telling them that they are not our birds, but we are taking care of them for other families.

    Nonetheless, my tenderhearted four year old fell in love with one, and despite our warnings, named her "Jello" and sings to her, brings her bugs, and carries her around. We tried locking him out of the coop, but he is more persistent than any predator we have faced.

    After talking to my husband, I told my son that we can keep Jello. Instead of loud "Hurrays!" and jumping that would be his typical response, he was very quiet and stone-still. Then slowly, he says, "But she will be lonely without one of her friends......"

    I couldn't help but laugh, knowing exactly what he was getting at.
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    If he spared one, he can spare them all! [​IMG]

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