Cutest thing ever


8 Years
Mar 8, 2011
Yuma AZ
I will post up a pic later tonight. Yesterday my duck Japer lost his friend footloose. Since I took his friend away Japer has been going crazy yapping and peeping. Last night I couldnt sleep because he just wouldn't stop yapping in the other room. Right now I have my mattress from my bed on the floor because I am moving somethings around. I was watching tv and I could see his shadow from under the door pacing back and forth. I decided to open the door and let him join me. I got him to get up on the bed by himself and at first he laid on the corner of the bed watching tv moving his little head back and forth. It was sooo cute! Then when it was bed time he decided to come up closer and cuddle. After awhile he ended up sleeping on my neck or top of my head. I just felt so bad he lost his friend I let me sleep with me, good thing he didn't poop on my head haha
I think he might be a crested blue Swedish. He was the only crested out of the whole bin other then his friend. It was a crested mallard
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IDK if thats a bad thing but I have a feeling he already thinks hes one of us. He sure is cute. When im sitting on the couch he comes over and asks me to pick him up. He will bug me till I do. When I pick him up he sits right down next to me and is quiet.
That's so cute. Has me wondering how to convince the DH to letting me keep them in the house.

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