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Welcome to the 3rd Annual "Cutest Webs of 2018"!!! This is a contest to determine the cutest Duckling of 2018! :wee The past 2 years have been very successful, so we hope to see the same reaction again this year!

@The Duck Ladie usually heads this up, but is unavailable to take part in it this year.

IMPORTANT things to remember:

1. This is not a BYC sanctioned contest, and is merely for fun.

2. Picture quality plays a large part in final judging so please choose your best photos!

3. An article will be started containing all entries to make judging easier.

In order to enter, fill out the following form. It should look something like this:

*Name: Blossom
*Age: A few days
*Breed: Black and White

Other: Blossom is the smallest duckling in her brood, and has 7 siblings!

*Means required.

Please put the age of the duckling in the photo. If the duckling is current over a month but was still hatched in 2018, it is still eligible.

@BantyChooks has agreed to help judge the contest. Remember: Judging decisions are FINAL!

Again, this contest is for fun and to show off cute ducklings! So have fun!

The only prize is the title of "Cutest Web of 2018"!

See Cutest Webs of 2018 Entries here:

1. Please follow all BYC rules.
2. Ducklings must be under a month old and hatched in 2018.
3. Only 2 ducklings/entries per member.
4. Fill out all the necessary information in the form above.
5. Ducklings only please. I may start one for goslings.

Last year's winners:

1st place: @DancingWthDucks with Sky the Call duck!

2nd place:
@DesertDucks with Meredith the Welsh Harlequin!

3rd Place: @Johnn with Miley the Call! (Picture has been misplaced).

If you have any questions please start a conversation with me!
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Name: peep peep
Age: 3 weeks old
Breed: Indian runner duck/ khaki Campbell
Peep peep was the only one out if 6 eggs to survive and hatch so was on her own for the first 4 days. So we spent a lot of time with her and she loved to sleep on my shoulder. We named her peep peep because as soon as she heard our voices in the house she would sit on her food dish and shout loudly until someone picked her up she now has 2 new friends but still loves her cuddles and is a very spoilt little duckling.

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