Cutting open bumble need advice like right now!!


6 Years
Nov 5, 2013
His bumble foot is on the top I can't find a video how to cut it open on the top but I'm guessing you do it the same. Yesterday I bought some purple spray the guy said it would help kill the bacteria and it started oozing so I pushed some of it out yesterday and from the looks of it it went down alittle but it wouldn't really come out it was like yellowish liquid and the white stuff was hard not hard but idk how to explain but I'm going to cut it open in the next hour I just need some advice how to do it!! Don't mind the scabs on his face my other rooster got out and it attacked him big fight and I'm pretty sure that's how he got the cut on his leg but any advice is really appreciated thank you



And the purple stuff is the medicine they told me to spray on there

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