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  1. featherfinder

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    My 2 conures seem to love it. I will buy them one and within 24-48 hours it will be gone. If I replace it as soon as its gone they will do the same thing. I know that they both like to chew so they have plenty of toys they can tear up and love those. I decided to put more toys in there and wait a couple of weeks before giving them another cuttle bone just to see if it was them wanting to chew and not actually eating it. They paid no more attention to their toys then they usually do so its not a chewing thing, they just really like cuttle bone. I bought a holder for it so it would make them work to get it out and it now lasts them about a week tops if they really work at it. My question is how much should they be eating of it and is it ok with them eating it so quick to keep replacing it or should i wait before i put another in for them? If so how long?
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    May 3, 2011
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    I don't know the answer to your question, but that is so funny!!!! :lau :lau Especially since my past budgies would never touch them.
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    Mar 22, 2011
    When my budgies eat one I wait a few days then give them a new one I think to much calcium isn't good.
  4. featherfinder

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    Thats what I was thinking but was not to sure. Its been about a week since they have had one. But I also was told that they only really use them whent they need the extra calcium and other than that most birds dont touch them. Confused me so I thought I would ask.
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    May 11, 2010
    Offer them other things to chew on. Birds need to chew. Make your own rope toys using sisal (SP). Tie simple knots for them to untie and offer them shredded paper tied in knots. Birds have different tastes and you will have to experiment and see what they like. Go online or visit pet store to find what your birds will like.
  6. featherfinder

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    They have many things to chew on. I have already done that research. They like wood and leather the best. Especially if i tie the wood pieces together with the leather so they have something to work on. They only like to swing upside down on rope lol. And they have a couple bird puzzles that make them work to get treats out of so they have plenty to chew on and keep them happy. Its just as soon as i put one in there thats all they care about and dont worry about their toys till the cuttle bone is gone. didnt know if that was normal.
  7. theoldchick

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    May 11, 2010
    My two parakeet routine destroy cuttlebone just because they can. Like yours they have everything to chew on, and really like to unravel rope, but will destroy cuttlebone with glee. The babble and carry on. Rub on it, kiss it, and rip it apart. They don't eat it, they simply tear it apart and leave a big mess on the bottom of the cage.

    It's one of those things of owning birds. I let them have their fun.
  8. theparrotletdude

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    Jul 22, 2011
    If they are eating that much add healthy stuff to their diet. They need to be eating 3 veggies 2 fruits daily.

    If they already are I don't know why your conure likes it so much lol.

    Try mineral blocks with cuttles in the center- if your conure likes these he can still have the cuttle but get other minerals and vitamins as well.

    If they aren't sold at your bird store you can get them at

    Good luck!
  9. alishabusch

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    Apr 26, 2012
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    One thing that I am wondering about...
    do your birds get any sun rays not filtered by a window or do you supplement their diet with d3? D3 is a vitamin that is the equivalent to giving them a few hours of unfiltered sun light. If they are in fact eating the cuttlebone rather than just tearing it apart, then you must make sure they have a way of getting this vitamin...
    d3 supplements in the body's processes of breaking down the calcium molecules for it to be digested, used and some stored. By not having enough of this supplement, it is completely pointless to give these birds a cuttle bone because their bodies can't fully break it down. This is especially useful when a female needs to produce adequate shells for egg laying.

    You can purchase a vitamin supplement at any pet store. Mostly it will be a orange liquid that you only put about 3-4 drops per cup of water. Be careful in giving the birds too much though because their bodies will simply pass it and you will have alarmingly yellow poo.

    If you set their cage out for a few hours in a shaded area or have a window open in a bright room throughout the day this will work as well and would probably be better for them anyway. During the winter months it would probably be good to still have this supplement handy.
  10. featherfinder

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    I actually have 2 cages for them. One that is their main inside cage and another that I have set up outside to where they have direct sun light and indirect sunlight. They are usually out there 3-5 days a week for a few hours at a time because they really love it out there. If its a nice day then they are out all day till it gets dark and I have to cover them up. My vet actaully had me switch their food a couple of weeks ago to Harrison fine pellets and they really seem to like it and have been eating more food then wasting it and have not been going to the cuttle bone as much.

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