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    Hey guys!

    So I need some help with some numbers here. In one of the D&D campaigns that I'm in my character has a chicken farm/is a chicken fancier (On top of being a Dragonborn rogue....) According to our wonderful DM (Aka my boyfriend, Keith) my character's family farm is supplying the entire village with eggs.

    I have a map from the intro mini campaign we did (This is for Curse of Strahd eventually)


    I would say that his family's farm is that outer house all the way on the left above the road. I'll see if I can circle it possibly. But either way, That's a lot of houses and I need to first estimate the approximate population and then (more importantly) figure out how many chickens would be needed and possibly what breeds.

    Obviously being a chicken fancier Nadarr (my character) is going to have a little bit of almost everything that's fluffy and lays eggs. He'd also have some meaties so I'll be needing recommendations for breeds for that as well.

    He'll definitely have some Silkies, Bantams, and there must be at least one Barbu d'Uccle (Because they're just so **** gorgeous). I have free reign over what I can have for chickens so lets go crazy!

    First things first if someone could help me with the approximate math of how many people might be living in this village (cause it's not written down) I would appreciate it! Then, on with the chickens! (We'll also need to factor in how many eggs we'd be needing and then how many laying hens would be required etc etc).

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    Okay so after talking with Keith for a good half hour about the possible population of the village, he's putting his foot down as the DM and saying that the village has a population of 1,500 people.

    Now that that's out of the way, how many chickens would my character's farm need to have to feed all of those people?

    I'll start with the layers since I know absolutely nothing about broilers.

    I did go onto mypetchicken to search for breeds that would match the area. Since we're dealing with an area similar to Northern Germany I picked Winter Hardy, Large Fowl, and Very on importance of lots of eggs.

    Here are the results:

    1. Wyandotte
    2. Ancona
    3. Australorp
    4. Chantecler
    5. Cubalaya
    6. Delaware
    7. Faverolles
    8. Hamburg
    9. Leghorn (White)
    10. Plymouth Rock
    11. Rhode Island
    12. Star
    13. Sussex
    14. Welsummer
    15. Easter Eggers
    16. Legbar
    17. Favaucana

    Here's where the fun begins, I want to create the best fictional flock possible, starting with the excellent egg layers. I did see something saying that 1 chicken per person usually takes care of eggs for a family. Would that still work in this situation or no? (Keith's saying I'm a whole new level of obsessed but I want to make sure I get my numbers as realistic as possible.
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    1 chicken per person would be fine as long as they didn't eat an egg *every* day. So yes, about 1,500 should be enough.

    Wyandottes are sorta mean (in general, please don't jump on me, anyone) so I'd think you'd want Australorps, Chanteclers, White Rocks, and Speckled Sussex and Ancona if you wanna have a bit of jazz. Faverolles for muffs, and EE for coloured eggs. I'd also get BBS AM, but that's just coz I have a soft spot for them.

    For pets, I'd think OEGB and sultans. They're so personable and just plain cute. Cochins too.
  4. most* chickens will not lay everyday the good laying breeds will get you 5-6 a week when they are doing very good so thats about 250-300 a year ;) //

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