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    I know it is very minor, but I have no one to share with right now...So here you go!

    I have been fighting with losing weight my entire life as far as I remember, but only the past 2 years I have been really fighting to get it off to be comfortable again (long story - lost it, got sick, gained it all back, went back to fighting it off again). I try to run 2 miles+ at least every 2 days. I also have an old knee injury that makes it difficult if I over work it. It must be a pretty sad sight seeing someone gimp 2 miles every day for the sake of not giving up. I aim for at least walking every day, on top of doing my normal farm care, which consists of 8 horses, 9 goats, and a handful of chickens and ducks. Eating has never actually been an issue (which is kind of funny/surprising) because I really don't eat much, and it's not junk food. I think my system is just really slow processing/using everything.
    I have finally started dropping weight this year. 30lbs since December [​IMG] [​IMG] As a side note - I'm not aiming for a certain number, I'm aiming for comfortable. I'm almost to comfortable (maybe roughly 5lbs and I will be there)

    Well, to the point now that you have some background - I have been have been struggling the past week with how I look. I have not gained or lost weight for the past 3 months. I'm fine with that, but I have just been feeling like I've been gaining it back (even though my scale and boyfriend are saying otherwise.) Always feeling kind of bloated...I'm sure I'm not the only woman who criticizes herself in the mirror, and picks spots that could use "fixing" [​IMG] I've also been having a VERY hard time running every day because of my knee. I get winded just from walking up a tiny hill (when I was doing 8+ mile hikes in the White Mountains every weekend, barely losing my breath). I'm getting frustrated to say the least.

    I was needing some encouragement, so I went to the storage box that has all of my winter clothes in it. I have a pair of really nice quality winter riding pants that barely fit 2 years ago after I lost the weight the first time. Even then, they didn't fit well at all. Last winter, I'll admit that I couldn't even pull them all the way up my legs [​IMG]...I put them on tonight, and....They almost fit perfectly!! a few more pounds and they will be perfect [​IMG]
    I really needed that this week.

    Anyway, I just wanted to share my excitement with someone [​IMG] It just goes to show, that no matter how discouraging it is, losing weight is possible with enough determination! It is taking forever, but I have to say, the end result is very rewarding [​IMG]

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    Horray! Way to go!!! [​IMG]
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    That's awesome!! You rock!! So HAPPY for YOU!!!

    Excuse they yelling [​IMG] i'm picturing me there.. lol You ROCK, great job!!!
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    absolutely brilliant! it's a lifestyle thing and to use a pertinent pun; it's a marathon not a sprint [​IMG] well done! [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] Thanks everyone! Still super excited [​IMG]

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    WhooHoo!!! Congratulations!!!! [​IMG]
    I struggle with my weight too. I love a success story!!!
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    [​IMG] I love that you are working/wanting comfortable weight! That is what we all should be great with!!

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