Dairy Goats -- Suggestions, please!

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    We are currently fencing off a pasture for dairy goats! [​IMG] And being a future new goat owner I have some questions, of course! Housing is on my brain right now... I plan to have the buck so we don't have to worry with that... but that is what I need some help with from you lovely people!

    I've seen time and time again that the buck should be away from where the milking will take place - fine, I totally get that. BUTTTTTT... how far is far enough? Do the bucks have to be separated from the does all the time or only when they have kids? If all the time, would a wether make a good companion for the buck? Or are there other suggestions that could potentially work out better? We like to make an effort of keeping animals that have a job of some sort- I feel a wether would be around just to eat, haha! [​IMG]

    I am on the fence about getting Nigerian Dwarfs or Nubians - the versatility of what I can do with the milk is why these two are what I've narrowed it down to. With the Nigerian Dwarfs, I feel I would have to have multiple females to supply enough milk so companions would not be an issue with the does, the size is appealing to us going down that road. However, with the Nubians I would start with only one doe since the amount of milk produced is so much higher, which milking one doe versus multiple is appealing... but then I need companions for both the buck and the doe [​IMG]

    Your suggestions? Expierence? ...am I making this much more difficult than I should be?
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