Damn Bobcat!


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Jun 12, 2010
he got one of my chickens in his mouth by the tail, he dropped her and she is still alive but acting lethargic-my other hen is sitting next to her it's so sad-there are only 2 of them

I don't see any blood tho-anything I can do for her?

bobcat came through the top of the pen even tho it had chicken wire over it

darn thing!

I'm upset afraid she is going to pass
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Very sorry to hear about your hen.
First thing, get rid of the chicken wire!!!! It's like tinfoil to predators and dogs. It only contains chickens but doesn't keep anything out. Hardware cloth, dig skirts and electrical hot wire are the only reliable materials for keeping predators out of your coop.

Your hen is either in shock or she might be injured. The bobcat could have hurt her back by grabbing the tail. I'd keep her quiet, warm and give her some electrolytes in her water. Only time will tell if she was badly injured or just needs to realize life is good again. Poor baby.
Thanks for the advice on the chicken wire!

Can I put electrolytes in her water if the other hen drinks from it? THat is different from an antibiotic yes? I do have that

Should I separate the 2 chickens?

Thanks for the kind words-I am scared to go out and check on them
thanks sorry for the ?s but should I put them in a cage we have for them in the garage or leave them out?

(nevermind I think I answered my own question)

Thank you for the advice
Yes, it's not medicine, it's just electrolytes (Gatorade is an electrolyte drink. I wouldn't use that though. I'd either get it from the feed store (first choice) or use Pedialyte instead but then you have added coloring and sugars). Usually they come with vitamins mixed which wouldn't be a bad idea either since she's so stressed. The other chicken can drink it and it won't hurt her. If she was in the coop during the attack, she could probably use a little boost herself.

If the other chicken isn't picking on her, she'll be happier with a friend.

Make plenty of noise whenever you need to go out there to scare that cat off. Your chickie baby needs you. Plus, Bobcats aren't that brazen, they should scare off easily.
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I sure will.

She went in the chicken house on her own and climbed on the pole, I hope that's a good sign.

We are going to do the pedialyte in the AM

I'll post an update

Ty again

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