Damp coop floor, what is the best bedding?


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Apr 4, 2020
I just moved my chicks outside two weeks ago and they are doing well but I'm having trouble figuring out bedding. It is a large
coop (8x8) and what I did before in a smaller coop (completely changing shavings/straw every week or two) isn't really going to be economically feasible. I've been looking into deep litter, sand, etc. For now I'm using pine shavings. Went to change them this morning and realized the coop floor is quite damp . Tha shavings on top were mostly dry. Would deep litter be a good choice or is there a better way to control moisture? The coop floor is directly on the ground, so I think that coupled with some sloppy chicken tenders spilling water when refelling the waterer seems to be the main cause.

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