Dandruff or bugs?


Aug 26, 2019
Northern Wisconsin
Please help calm my fears!!! When I 1st got my ducks and they started growing feathers I freaked seeing the white dandruff before realizing it was just that, shedding the "straw" part of the feather.

Recently i noticed brown/yellow flakes, it looks similar to crushed fish flakes. I have checked them at least 5 times, under feathers, under wings, by vent and dont see any sign of a bug. I also dont see any sort of scabbing or skin irritation. I cant easily wipe them off. I'm just really nervous especially because we put the new girls in the 3rd day having them because a fox got to 1 of our boys and I didn't want them in the dog kennel where it could torment them.
I will see if I can get some tomorow. They are not that fond of being held yet. I'm not sure if I'll be able to get one though. Their literally flat flakes like smashed fish flakes roughly the size of a pen tip. I held one of the pekins tonight and had my daughter hold a flashlight closer to his belly so I could see as clear as possible and they definetly did not move, I wiped some off and looked at my finger just to make sure

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