Dang Dog!! is there anything else I can do


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
Hi all, I am new to the site but have been stalking around on here for a while. Yesterday after noon one of my hens was attacked by a neighbor dog. He got a hold of her back end pretty good. My husband got him off of her but I am worried. She has a pretty good gash in her tail area going long ways ( about an inch and a half) and another make where the k9 pierced her but that not too deep. I rinsed it with warm water and sprayed iodine on it to help infection. I have her in a small crate with water and fresh greens for food. I have some ACV in the water. is there anything else we can do? or maybe something better I can give her or treat her with? Thank you for any help.
I might use some neosprin on her wonds, just not the one with the pain reliver in it and maybe a bit of baby asprin in her water to help with the pain.

" I usually see posted 1 baby(81mg) aspirin dissolved in a quart of water or 1 regular(325mg) dissolved in a gallon of water"
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Thank you guys. I checked her this morning and she is looking a lot better but still does not seem to be eating. I put asprin in her water today and am giving her cucumber lettace tomatoes and corn but shes not intrested. Shoul[VIDEO][/VIDEO]d i be worried( cuz i am)
You might go for the Greek yogurt, scrambled eggs, and meal worms. (separate or mixed your choice) If she does not go for the meal worms then I would consider talking to a vet.

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