Dangers of Cats?


Nov 12, 2018
Deer Island, OR
My Husband and I were gifted 7 Hens, and we are adding a Rooster to the coop this Saturday. Through all of my excitement I did not realize that we have one problem; our cat! How will we keep the cat from messing with and terrorizing our chickens? They are going to be free range chickens and we won't always be home to keep an eye on them. I don't want to come home to a poor Hen (or our rooster) being eaten by our cat.
The cat is an outdoor cat? Maybe just keep it inside...?
I would watch its behavior around them and then make your own call. Some cats don't bother with grown chickens but will kill chicks, others will kill adults.

Our cat is an indoor/outdoor cat. Always has been, even when we lived in the city. So, we won't be able to make that transition.
I have lots of chickens (close to 100) and lots of cats running around on 20 acres. No problems with cats and chickens. Ive seen mexican stand offs ens when a chicken pesks the cats forhead. Ive seen cats rub up against a chicken and the chicken shakes as if to saw “Ugh - cat hair!”. Only once with young pullets running around like 14 year old girls did i see a cat even look at a chicken as if it were prey. I cleared my throat and told the cat that inadvisable behavior would not be tolerated. Ive had kittens keep warm under a hen. Auto cow wrecks not so good here.
Anyway keep an eye out but i have had not problems with cats and chickens coexisting.

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