Dark Cornish help


Aug 19, 2019
Norman, OK
What do Dark Cornish pullets/cockerels look like at 10 weeks? I can't find any pics online of them at this age. Please post any pics you might have IF you have them. Thank you.
(I picked up a couple of bantam babies at Atwoods to give to a broody hen. Thought I was picking up 2 EE's, but one is a Dark Cornish (almost sure). They are 10 weeks now.)
Thanks! That's a great picture. I wish I could see it's back, though. I'm pretty sure my little guy has more brown on his/her back, and the comb and wattles are not quite as far along.
Okay. Here’s pictures of the little guy.


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So...male? He is the same age, but not as far along as the little guy in the link provided above by featheredplanets. I've thought cockerel all along, but he's not crowed yet. And then the picture of the other 10 week old chick gave me reason to think that maybe he's not a he.
Sorry, he’s definitely a cockerel. Hope you can keep him. He’s gorgeous!

He is pretty. He is one of 8 chicks. I had 6 hatch under broody hens back in July. Two of my broodies didn't have any eggs hatch, so I picked up two chicks (all they had were bantams at the time) from Atwoods to sneak under them at night. He can stay as long as he gets along with my rooster, Jean Luc Picard.
I am concerned that he is a bantam, though.
My neighbor allows her chickens to free range all day, while mine are penned while I'm not home, so he might would do better at her house if a rooster territory issue comes up.

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