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  1. Has anybody got chicks with this hatchery. It is based in california. What are they chicks like? What was your experience?
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    Feb 4, 2008
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    I ordered some Siapan Jungle Fowl, Cucko Marans and something else (don't recall off top of my head) from them last year. They were out of Siapan Jungle Fowl, so we agreed to add more Cucko Marans. There weren't enough Marans to fill my order so I received Welsummers. Long story short, the folks at Dark Eggs are super nice, helpful and communicate exceptionally well regarding your order.

    My chicks were shipped to Oklahoma by a large hatchery in Texas however, (which I didn't know would happen until they arrived. ) Since the Texas hatchery is not my favorite, I will ask more questions before ordering from Dark Eggs again. [​IMG]
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    I was told he gets his birds from Ideal Hatchery.
  4. Thanks for the info. He makes it look like they are purebred. I can just order from ideal if I wanted to but I guess I will go with someone else.

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