Dark flecks in egg whites and on inside of shell


Mar 20, 2018
Northern California
Some of our chickens have been laying eggs that have dark/blackish flecks in the whites of the egg. Seems to be different than a meat spot. There are also black spots on the inside of the egg shell. Any help much appreciated!!


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There is an article 'Common Egg quality Problems' on here, and if you scroll down through it you will come across the section on the egg white and there is a pic there that looks very much like yours. I know you said that you didn't think this was meat spots but perhaps...... That's all I can help with!
Were there any external spots on the shell?
Maybe color bled through.

I agree that the floaters in the egg white look like meat spots.

we had this problem with a hen that we had bought and thought maybe we were sold one that was older than we were told. she had no health issues and was the best looking and fullest feathered hen we had! we only real noticed the spots on the wheel bc one of her eggs had a horrible taste (they were not old or left out) And now a mother one of our hens has this issue and I'm wondering if she had something that was contagious? the eggs dont have a different odor at all but I'm not too excited about a taste test lol

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