darkest layer from meyer?

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    May 10, 2013
    Hey everyone. I'm hoping to add three girls to my flock this spring. I've got two breeds chosen, but need to choose a third (minimum shipping order from Meyer). I want a really really dark egg. I know BCMs tend to be the answer, but I'm wondering if the BCMs from a hatchery (and Meyer, specifically) will be dark enough to stand out? My cuckoo marans' egg is barely darker than my barred rocks . . .

    Or would I do better to get a Welsummer? Or a Barnvelder? Help, oh you who've ordered!
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    I have a BCM from a hatchery (not positive which one) and her egg isn't very dark - the hatcheries don't really breed well for the egg color in them. Although Meye says they have good lines for theirs, so I dunno. I have a welsummer from Meyer, though, and she lays a nice dark egg, so I know for sure that their Welsummers are okay.
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