Darn it! *She* is a *He*!!


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
This is what I get for not checking a bunnies junk myself! We have 3 Lionhead bunnies - all were supposed to be female. The breeder was positive that Oreo (black and white lionhead) was a girl, so I didn't check her myself. Looked last night - and *She* is a *He*. I only want these guys for pets for the kiddo's - they all live together in a 2-story dream castle of a hutch in the back yard and get fresh grazing daily. I don't want babies - have no interest in breeding, selling, or maintaining a bachelor pad for poor Oreo... So I guess we're looking for a new home for him.

Lesson learned - lift the skirts myself and don't listen to others!
Sounds like you'll have a few more bunnies soon.
Depending on what the vets in your area have expertise with, you can have him neutered. I've heard lots of males are more mellow once they have this done too. I'm looking into doing this for my dwarf since he sprays (everywhere
) and is a bit timid of people. He loves to be petted but acts like I'm going to kill him before he gets his scritches.

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