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    Feb 24, 2013
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    Hello Chicken people.
    I've been ghosting around BYC for quite awhile now finding answers to many of my questions.
    One question that I need help answering is about hatch time of chicks to give the most likely chance of having hens lay throughout the winter.

    The way I understand it, Hens in their first year of laying, have the best opportunity to be able to lay through the winter months.

    I've got some pullets (Black sex links) that were hatched about Nov.6th 2012. That would put them at 15+ weeks old now, as of Feb 24. I'm figuring these pullets ought to start laying about the middle of March.

    With these pullets having a POL (point of lay) in early spring, are they likely to lay through their first winter?

    If so, my plan is to change out the whole flock each spring. But maybe I'm wrong, and I need to change my flock in the fall?

    Any way thanks for your time and any insights you have to offer.

    Mike spelled backwards.

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