David Bowie is attacking me!


6 Years
Mar 11, 2013
I have a cute little silkie rooster named David Bowie who has really come into his own as of late! We re-homed our aggressive BO rooster about a month ago, and I was pretty sure that the remaining little silkie would be the perfect little roo especially since he is about half the size as the rest of the ladies.

He is quite the gentleman with the ladies and they are very willing to mate with him. There is no ripping of feathers or screaming, or blood, just a polite please and thank you very much!

Lately, though, he likes to attack me! He's such a little thing, that I just turn around and put him on the ground, but lately, he really goes at the back of my legs and I'm really having to watch behind me when I walk away. He comes out of the coop all fired up in the morning so I have to be ready for him.

Seems like its especially bad when his ladies are following me, like I'm threatening his leadership.

I really like this little guy, and even his new-found protectiveness, as we have critters around here. I love that if I'm late in closing the coop door, he is always sitting in the doorway, guarding his girls from the dark.

I would appreciate any ideas on teaching him some manners?

Your thread title made me laugh! Cute name for a chicken and such a cute little rooster too. Pity about the attitude problem, but here's a good article on dealing with aggressive roosters that may help:


Best of luck!

That is a great link, thank you!

I started by picking him up and putting him on his back for a minute, then I decided to fight it with love by picking him up and just petting and baby talking to him. But I don't think I did either of these long enough.

A couple of weeks ago he broke a nail and part of his toe (attacking me!) and I had to pen him up until he healed since he was bleeding prolifically. He acted much better after the bath, bandaging and solitude. I think that the longer treatment may do the trick.


(My daughters named the silkies. Our Buff Silkie hen's name is Goldie Hawn! lol)
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