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My shipped serama eggs ended up with lots of bad air cells. Out of 9, I'm down to 2. They both had attached air cells. These 2 are squirming really good at end of day 13. I have them in carton and only slightly tipping. Tonight I candled, and saw one of the eggs air cell has come loose on one side. My question is do I stop turning it now? They are just on day 13. For now I set it upright to prevent anymore damage. I read one post about turning being very important during beginning, not so much toward the end. Is it past the point of embryo sticking to side? Any suggestions would be appreciated. I really really won't these 2 to make it. Temps running 99.6 and humidity about 45% to 50% Thanks.
After day 14 turning isn't so important any more, so continue tilting then gently for another day or 2 and then cut back on the tilting to once or twice a day only until you lockdown. Best of luck with the hatch!
Thanks for the response. The bad spot is on the "x" side, so I turned the "x" and "o" to the sides, so the bad spot won't be shifting so much when i tilt the egg. After loosing the others to scrambled air cells, I'm really worried for this one now.
Don't lose hope! I recently hatched 2 seramas from 12 posted eggs. Most were completely scrambled and only two developed beyond the first week. Those two had mobile air cells. I incubated them upright and just tilted from side to side three times a day. I don't lockdown my seramas until day 19 and by that time the air cell was so large and the albumin had all been absorbed so the eggs could be laid down to hatch. Both pipped and popped out on day 20 and were perfectly healthy!
Thank alimarcle. These were shipped from Castle Delight Serama's. They traveled all way across US in 2 days. Laura has such beautiful serama. I new the risk, but had to chance it, because I wanted some of her serama so bad. I want these 2 to make it to hatch so I'll know it will be worth trying it again. Guess I'm addicted to them and I've not even got my first serama yet.
They are very addictive! My two were silkied serama and I couldn't get any locally at all (I am in the uk). I have had my first home bred straight feather serama chicks hatch today. We had the power go out through the night on Monday and I didn't realise until I woke on Tuesday. The incubator and eggs were stone cold ( thermometer said 15 degrees centigrade! I later found out it had been off for five hours!) I jumped in the car and drove them to Mums and when I went to candle them last night (day 19) there was a pip! Two have hatched today and one egg still rocking but not yet pipped tonight. Can't believe they weren't even late!
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!
That so amazing alimarcle. My last hatch were just barnyard mix to test the incubator. I slept on couch last few days just incase temp alarms went off and making sure power stayed on. I was more nervous than when I had my kids. Lol. The egg with the bad air cell is Napoleons. You can see him at the CDS website. He is gorgeous. We have only a couple serama breeders within hour or so of us, but none with quality and type I am interested in. So shipping was pretty much my only option. And shipping of adults was not in the budget right now. I also just love hatching the eggs to. I modified a led flash light so that I can candle without moving the eggs, so I'll check on it when it gets darker. I'm going to wear a hole in the floor in front of the incubator by hatch day. Lol
OK here's an update and another question. ( or two) So both the Napoleon and Timothy are in lockdown today. Napoleon's air cell looks like the saddle bag now, but isn't wobbly anymore. I candled last night and Napoleon looks like he's going to pip wrong end. Is it to late for him to turn? Also I have eggs upright in cutout egg carton. Do I leave them this way, or lay them down on sides with no egg carton? Thanks.
Chicks get into position for hatch around day 14 of incubation, so the chick will stay as it is now. It will help them if you lay the eggs on their sides for the hatch, especially if you have a suspected malposition. it will make it easier for the chick to pip and for you to keep an eye on it. Best of luck with the hatch!
There are a couple of really long threads in the forum regarding eggs with detached air cells and how to potentially have a good hatch from them. You might try searching for them, if you're planning on ordering eggs again, because they had some really good advice.

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