Day 13/candled last night

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    Feb 11, 2008
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    I had 17 eggs in the incubator, and I candled last night. 15 eggs were shipped to me from okcarla. The other 2 were from my coop. I only tossed 1 egg because it was clear. It was one from my coop. The other one from my coop showed some development, but not as much as the others. All of the shipped eggs showed development. 14 of them had lots of movement. The 15th showed development but looked smaller. My first batch of shipped eggs didn't look this good at this stage. I think it's because okcarla packed them so good.

    I'm not sure I can take this 8 more days. Even the dog is having a hard time waiting. The dog had disappeared last night, and I was worried he was in the kitchen messing with the chicks in the brooder (a constant fear). Instead, I found him sitting in the dark staring at the bator. I told him it was a bit early for IBW. The bator is sitting on the floor in the spare bathroom on folded towels. It's low enough for him to sit there and stare into the windows.
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    That's so cute! Watch out or the little new ones will imprint on him... is he ready to be a mama? LOL!

    SOunds like you have a good harch coming! [​IMG]

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