Day 16 & Wiggling???


6 Years
Aug 3, 2013
I am nearing the end of Day 16, and a couple of the eggs are wiggling. Should I stop auto turning and lockdown early or stay the course and lockdown/stop turning on Day 18?
Okay, thank you for the response. Anybody else have an opinion on this?
Sorry for the short answer, let me explain more. Chicks often rock a few days before hatching. I usually notice it start about 2-3 days before the hatch begins. They are positioning for the hatch. Turning stops being as vital after 14 days, and at this point there is a bigger risk of problems from NOT locking down then locking down early. Turners can injure or kill chicks if they hatch in them. What type of bird is it? Chicken, quail etc.... If they are chickens, are they bantam? What temp. did you incubate at?
They are silkies. I'm using the Brinsea mini advance; temps have been 99.5-99.6 consistently. I don't have any issue with turning the turner off now, but if I lockdown now the bator will run out of water by Day 20.
Same question, I m at my egg 11 into incubation and I placed the eggs on 31 August at 11 am . Does it mean that my lock time starts on 18 at 11 .
Like you said turner off on 14 days? Could you please emphasise on it.
To yuaan, yes you should lockdown on the 18th and the time of day does not really matter. - unless if your eggs show signs of being ahead of schedule like the OP's. You don not need to do anything like stop the turner before the 18th unless if they start showing signs.

I suspect that the OP will see pips by day 19. Can't say for certain, but I don't usually see movement more than 3 days before hatch. Once audible cheeping begins, you will likely have a chick out within 48 hours. The pip to hatch time can take as much as 24 hours or a bit more, so this is a loose estimate.

Now don't think the eggs have to rock and cheep. I often have some eggs that don't move much or cheep much hatch just fine.
To bugglesmommy: thanks for the reply . I am so worried about this whole incubation process. I first bought a egg 7 incubator and when I got it I looked on the Internet for reviews which were not good at all so I ended up buying brinsea mini Eco . The first 4 day it was fine but then the temperature started to fluctuate between the range of 37. 4 to 37.8. There was one occasion where the temperature went down to 35 when I woke up I quickly adjusted to back to normal but again the temperature fluctuate between 37.4 to 37.8.
I am actually lost the hope for any chickens to hatch . Upon candling them today, bare in mind it's day 11 , some eggs are showing good sign of movement and some are showing very slow movement . The air sacs look the right size but there is one particular egg which was hard to pick any movement I thought it dead and was thinking to open it to see but then I let it be in incubator and this evening when I candled that egg I spotted a very very very light movement or it could be me moving the egg.

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