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    Feb 1, 2009
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    on day 18 how do i remove the eggs from the egg turner without dropping the temperature? or can i just unplug the turner when it is flat and cover up the holes that i am not using? also how can i lower the humidity without opening the bator or is it fine at 70% for now and then just up it to 80% the last three days?
    thanks in advance,
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    [​IMG] Sorry I can't help, I'm learning too...bumping this up since it was almost to page 3 already.
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    I am on my first hatch and have been thinking about that too. I plan to set lid aside, remove turner & add water then put the wire rack in and set eggs on that and finaly put lid back on. From what I understand the few min that they will be out wont hurt them. The bator should go back up to temp quick. I think if the humidity goes too high you can take out the vent plug(s). I hope you get someone who has hatched some give you more ideas.
    Good luck!

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