Day 19 and no pips ** EDITED - ONES PIPPED **


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Hi Everyone!
I have been hatching 6 eggs and am on day 19 at the moment. I got these eggs through the post and 4 have definitely been developing and growing but they have not pipped and I am worried. Has anyone else experienced this or could give me advice? I'm worried that it might be because I have made my own incubator rather than buying a proper one, though I have set it up properly and monitor the temperature regularly.
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Patience!!! They aren't supposed to hatch for another 2 days LOL! I rarely get pips at day 19.
Good luck with your hatch
just as other posted said, I didn't get pip until day 21 so just give it time.

I posted about my experience with my own homemade bator today you'll have to check it out. Homemade bators work too
Like already stated, day 19 is to early for pips! They aren't supposed to hatch until day 21, so you need to sit tight a few more days.
The plug or plugs should be in and you should not open your lid to your bator at all! If you find the humidity is low, then crack the top and toss a wet sponge in as already suggested. You just want to be sure you don't get the humidity up so high that the chicks will drown in their shells when they pip.

Yay! I woke up this morning and one egg has pipped! I cant believe it I thought they were all dead!
I can see its beak poking around, it's really cute!

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